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You're Not Hired

How to tell if your interview did not go well.

You apply for a job you really want, and thankfully you are called in for an interview. You are excited and start preparing for you interview immediately. Unfortunately, at the end of your interview you feel uncertain if things went well. No one was rude to you, but you do not feel confident about being hired. How can you tell if your interview did not go well?

If it seems the interview abruptly ends after a few minutes or after a few questions. Or if the hiring manager or interviewer displays negative body language, such as not making eye contact, folding his/her arms, and/or leaning away from you or your direction. Great interviews include follow-up questions and requests for elaborations on your answers. Also, when the energy is going well, the interviewer will display some level of enthusiasm in your qualifications and skills you will bring to the company. If you have an interview that does not go well, don't panic here is what you should do. After an interview that did not go well, however, you feel like you are truly qualified for the position you should immediately follow-up with the interviewer, hiring manager, or human resources manager. You should thank the person for the opportunity to interview, revisit your skills or qualifications that you discussed in the interview. Lastly, take this follow-up opportunity to highlight skills you did not have the opportunity to discuss in the interview.

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