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Meet Kimberly Lawson

International Best-Selling Author, Business Coach & Strategist, Podcast Host, and Speaker Kimberly Lawson, is passionate about helping people around the world attain true happiness and more success amid great challenges. She is equipped with sound consulting principles and well-validated techniques, which produces amazing results.
The accomplished entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Lawson Learning Academy, LLC - a company founded on the basis of integrity and dedicated to helping individuals turn their entrepreneurial dreams into thriving, successful businesses. A reputable business consultant, her commitment towards empowering and redefining individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses is unwavering. Armed with a strong background in psychology and education, Kimberly blends both her education and extensive business knowledge to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve a higher level of success both individually and professionally. Her expertise lies in creating the masterful coaching conversation, paying attention to every detail, and in nurturing a space for growth and opportunity that leads these clients to an overwhelming shift in outcomes.
Moreover, Kimberly would always hold a pen and a piece of paper, writing any short stories and poetry she could think of when she was a child. Little did she know that she has begun her journey into becoming a renowned author and since then, she has decided not to turn back. Aside from authoring and being a co-author of several best-selling books, she has successfully launched her own publishing company, Sherrelle Ink, LLC.
Kimberly is the founding COO of The National Black Media and Press Association. As someone who loves being professional in all she does, she has over the years built an outstanding reputation for herself. In 2019, she was named among the Top 40 Under 40 for Rural Leader Magazine. Also, Kimberly has been recognized as a Distinguished Alumni by the prestigious Albany State University. In addition, she has been featured in several sold-out events and interviewed by various YouTubers, Podcasts, TV shows, and Magazines across the globe. She is sought after by both individuals and businesses for her expertise and aptness to project change into the lives of people. Each day, she propels many with great wisdom using powerful, practical, and realistic strategies.
Kimberly’s desire to see businesses and individuals achieve exponential success is the driving force behind everything she does.

Kimberly Lawson

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