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Kimberly Lawson & Lawson Learning Academy

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Kimberly Lawson is a
best-selling publisher!

International Best-Selling Author

Kimberly Lawson

The Power Of Why Book 1:

#1 US #1 UK #2 Australia #3 Canada

The Power Of Why Book 2:

#1 UK #1 Canada #2 US #4 India

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Coaching Academy

Work one-on-one with Business Coach & Strategist to enhance your business!


Available To Speak

Kimberly is a diverse and engaging speaker!  If you are interested in having Kimberly's wisdom at your next event please contact our office today!


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What are current and previous clients saying about Kimberly's services?


Kimberly equips you with tools and knowledge you can immediately apply in the classroom.  I've attended several trainings led by her and each one was excellent!

Keyanna Cooper


I highly recommend Lawson Learning Academy.  Very professional and awesome customer service.  The resumes are guaranteed to help you get a job.

Latika Dassie

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Kimberly Lawson of Lawson Learning Academy is wonderful!  She met with me, listened to my business goals and dreams, and then immediately went to work!  Kimberly always has a plan to help my business succeed!  If you need some help growing your business please contact Lawson Learning Academy and tell them Nick-A-Million sent you!

Nick Rushing