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Writers' Academy

Motivated to Become a Published, Well-Kn0wn Author?

 Writers Academy is Paving the Way to Publishing Success

Whether you’re passionate about telling stories, building a brand, or gaining credibility in your field, good writing is a process that can be hampered if you don’t know the finer details about how to get your message out to the public on a large scale.


In fact, the gaps between writing content, publishing your work, and getting it distributed can quickly become a chasm if you don’t understand the entire process.


That’s why three-time international best-selling author Kimberly Lawson created the Writers Academy. An exclusive 3-month program that helps turn aspiring writers into fully publish authors, you’ll be given an in-depth look at the end-to-end process on how to write, publish, and launch your novel.

Let’s Go Beyond Storytelling and Talk Business

If you think about it you probably have an amazing story to tell that people are just dying to read. But if you don’t know how to get it from the deep corners of your mind onto the page you’re most likely not ready to get it out there for people to purchase.


That’s why you need the Writers Academy. This one-of-a-kind writing course covers all the most important aspects of becoming a successful writer through bi-weekly sessions that include:

  • Writing Techniques, Tips, and Best Practices

  • Outlining a Manuscript to Develop Flow

  • Editing and Cleaning Up Concepts or Ideas

  • Self-Publishing versus Hiring a Publisher

  • How to Become a Best-Selling Author

  • Launching, Marketing, and Advertising a Book

  • In-Depth Question and Answer Sessions

Learn the Ins and Outs of Being a Published Writer

As a writer your creativity and imagination is what drives the world forward. It’s your stories that inspire people, writing that gets customers to ‘buy, buy, buy’, and creates engagement that goes far beyond word of mouth. But if you’re struggling with turning your idea into a best-selling story or must-have reference, you need the Writers Academy.


Kimberly Lawson has co-authored number 1 rated books in five countries multiple times, authored and co-authored several books over the last decade, and is solely dedicated on helping you achieve your own dreams as a writer.

Virtual Live Sessions bi-weekly - Sessions are recorded and shared with students

Thursday, March 9th

Thursday, March 23rd

Thursday, April 6th

Thursday, April 20th

Thursday, May 4th

Thursday, May 18th

Don’t miss out on sharing your story. Join the Writers Academy today and learn how to turn your writing into a published novel starting today!

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