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All interviews will be available for viewing Saturday, January 23, 2021

Women Of Influence Summit 2021

Learn savvy business advice from women all over the world to enhance your business and brand.

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Kimberly Lawson


Kimberly Lawson is a Business Coach, International Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host, and Public Speaker.  Kimberly is also the COO of The National Black Media and Press Association.

As Seen On:

NBC/WALB, FOX/WFXL, Right On Magazine, Voyage ATL, Versafi Magazine, and many more.

Welcome Address by host Kimberly Lawson

Eulicia Kimber, CPA

Meet Eulica Kimber
Eulica is a CPA, MBA, and Certified Business Growth Coach who leads entrepreneurs in finding their Sweet Spot by systematizing their businesses to sell their BEST products/services to their BEST clients while living a BLESSED & BALANCED lifestyle.

Maya Simmons-Rogers, Esquire

Meet Maya Simmons-Rogers Maya Simmons Rogers is the managing partner of Simmons Rogers, LLC. In this role, she serves as outside general counsel to a variety of businesses, including technology companies, fashion designers and influencers, retail stores, franchisees, and non-profits. As outside general counsel, she handles transactional, intellectual property, and litigation matters on behalf of her clients.

Cat Janisko, Entrepreneur

Meet Cat Janisko. Cat is a former Emmy-award winning news anchor + national TV sales host, turned 2-time biz owner. I help people make lots of money with a powerhouse pitch.

Virginia J. Fassio, Online Entrepreneur

Meet Virginia J. Fassio Virginia J Fassio is a FreedomSeeker and a conscious onlinepreneur. She is passionate about sharing, supporting, and inspiring other women to create their best life, by creating inner and outer freedom from a personal and financial point of view.

Selena Merrill, Financial Planner

Meet Selena Merrill Selena Merrill is a financial advisor that is very passionate about building generational wealth. She guides her clients on a variety of financial matters, including retirement planning, investment planning, and risk management. Selena develops strategies to help individuals, families, and businesses reach financial security as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Twanita Dozier, Media Mogul

Twanita Dozier is the CEO of Boss Up Magazine. Boss Up Magazine is a multimedia platform for emerging entrepreneurs of color! Providing various entities of media, to help bridge the gap between media and entrepreneurs.

Lisa McGrath, Personal Coach

Lisa McGrath is an International Bestselling Author and Speaker, National Board Certified Teacher, and Personal Coach who offers inspirational, practical, and spiritual guidance. She teaches women to find clarity, purpose, and direction with the intentional acts that help them achieve their goals and live their Intentional Life with her online coaching programs, A Pilgrimage to Self, and private coaching practice.

Malva Gasowski, Business Trainer

Malva is an international business trainer, executive coach, and speaker for corporate soft HR skills, and helps people achieve success in top international corporations. Malva has created the Online Training Academy, an innovative form of training for future online trainers. Besides her corporate focus, she is also a parenting coach and couples counselor who works with couples and parents to help them implements the positive parenting approach and build closeness within the family.

Wendy H. Jones, Author

Wend is an award-winning, 8 x international best-selling author of crime fiction, young adult mysteries, children's picture books, and non-fiction for writers. She is also the CEO of Authorpreneur Accelerator Academy, host of The Writing and Marketing Show Podcast, and President of The Scottish Association of Writers.

Lori Cox, Author

Lori has been writing since childhood, but she only became a published author in 2017. Spurred on by the therapeutic nature of written words, she has two bestselling anthologies under her name and has thus carved out a place for herself amidst veterans of personal development and self-help literature. She is also a serial entrepreneur and loves embarking on lucrative ventures just as much as she loves traveling to new places.

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