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Swing For The Fences!

A common mistake people make when job hunting is applying for jobs in which they are over qualified. This hurts you because the employer assumes that you are only applying for the job because you really need a job. Nine times out of ten this is true, and as soon as a better opportunity comes along you will vacate the position; thereby forcing the employer to start the hiring process all over again. So what should you do if you really need a job, but having trouble finding one?

Swing for the fences! This quote comes from one of my favorite televisions shows, Flip or Flop. Anytime the investment flipper decides to take a chance with a higher listing price he says, "we will have to swing for the fences with this one." That's what you should do in that case, swing for the fences. Apply for jobs that you are not fully qualified for instead of those you're overly qualified. Make sure you have your resume professionally prepared so your skills are matched with the qualifications of the position. When or if you're called in for an interview you will have your platform to discuss why you're right for the job even though you do not have all the requested qualifications. This is also requires you to be fully prepared for your interview. Interview training will definitely help you put your best foot forward.

Never sell yourself short, swing for the fences!

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