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Shot Clock Resumes

Some companies receive hundreds of resumes every day. How will yours standout?

HR managers only have a few seconds to devote attention to every resume they receive, so as an applicant you have to be mindful of the "shot clock" when drafting your resume. So you do not run out of time "shoot your best shot" with these three B's to success.

1. Be concise! Your resume should only be 1 page if you have less than 10 years of professional work experience. If you have more than 10years experience it is accepted for your resume to have a front and back page.

2. Be specific! This is where HR managers can tell if you're being deceptive on your resume. Your resume should have specific and detailed information about task you completed or projects you managed. Detail how your participation and efforts were an asset.

3. Be honest! Do not waste HR managers time with false information because it will catch up with you. There is a distinct line between embellishing and lying. Lying will quickly burn your bridge with an HR manager and possibly the company forever.

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