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Meet Kimberly Lawson

International Best-Selling Author

Kimberly Lawson is an International Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, Podcast Host, and Speaker with a vision to make this world a more positive place than when she first entered it. Armed with a background in psychology and education coupled with an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping budding and novice entrepreneurs thrive; Kimberly’s company Lawson Learning Academy, LLC specializes in helping individuals turn their dreams of entrepreneurship into thriving successful businesses. Kimberly has successfully coached many individuals to achieve their business goals. An accomplished author, what started as penning short stories and poetry as a child, ultimately turned into authoring and co-author several books and launching her own publishing company, Sherrelle Ink, LLC.


Meet Lori Cox

Best-Selling Author

Lori Ann has been writing since childhood, but she only became a published author in 2017. Spurred on by the therapeutic nature of written words, she has two bestselling anthologies under her name and has thus carved out a place for herself amidst veterans of personal development and self-help literature. She is also a serial entrepreneur and loves embarking on lucrative ventures just as much as she loves traveling to new places. She hails from Eastern North Carolina, and when she's neither writing, traveling nor being a serial entrepreneur, you can find her reclining for a glass of wine with her wonderful husband.

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Releasing January 2021

Opportunity to Become a Best-Selling Author

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